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Marry process data with enriched revenue cycle data to determine the optimal path for every workflow and understand the business impact.

Process Understanding

What if you had access to targeted and actionable insights about your team’s productivity, the processes they follow, and specific targeted interventions you can take to be most efficient?

Illuminate is Janus’ process understanding platform where information generated by Observe is combined with outcome data from EHRs and payer portals to create actionable insight into people and processes. Using that information, Illuminate pinpoints the ideal automation and decision support interventions to maximize efficiency and yield.

With Illuminate, managers and executives have access to holistic, empirical data about people and processes, replacing traditional data gathering techniques that only give a limited view of what is occurring in the revenue cycle.

Illuminate provides actionable insights tied to concrete interventions that can be deployed in our Pathfinder and Revbot products to improve outcomes. As these interventions are deployed, Illuminate provides real-time tracking of the outcomes of those interventions, clearly and transparently showing the value you are generating through the Janus platform.

Illuminate provides robust process maps that show the optimal steps to reach the ideal outcome for each workflow, based on every instance of that workflow that your users have performed. These easy-to-understand process maps give deep insight into where different users deviate from the ideal path, the time and effectiveness impacts of those deviations, and the expected impact of implementing automation and decision support interventions.

Once an optimal-path workflow has been mapped in Illuminate, Janus’ One-Click functionality allows you to convert that workflow into step-by-step decision support in Pathfinder, or automation in Revbot.

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