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Process Mining

What if you could replace traditional “over the shoulder” observation with an automated process mining solution that produces holistic information about every workflow your users follow, across all systems and websites?

What if you could turn that information into actionable insights about the optimal process for every workflow, and determine where automation and decision support could be most effectively applied?

Observe Gives You That Power

Observe is a process mining solution built specifically for the healthcare revenue cycle.

Observe gathers information about user action across all relevant systems and websites, while selectively filtering out sensitive and irrelevant information. Observe takes that activity information and uses annotation and machine learning to generate robust process and productivity information for all user activity.

By using computer vision, Observe can gather discrete information from applications that traditional process mining solutions struggle with, including systems accessed through ‘pane-of-glass’ solutions like Citrix.

The Observe desktop app is easy to deploy to end users’ workstations, either by silently installing from Windows administrator functionality, or by allowing end users to install themselves.

Observe has powerful data redaction tools – it is configurable to only collect information on specific applications or web domains, and can also redact field-specific sensitive information like credit card numbers, SSNs, or login information. Observe allows you to fully understand your workers’ behavior without sacrificing their privacy.

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