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Operational Insights

Gain insight into areas for process improvement and increased staff efficiency.

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The Future of Process Intelligence

For the past decade, the standard process for understanding revenue cycle processes and workflows has been either via limited “over the shoulder” observation, or by using tools that capture only a subset of the data needed to make informed decisions. With Janus’ process intelligence solution, your revenue cycle team can access holistic data about people and processes via an easy to install desktop application.

This tool enables you to:

  • Gather comprehensive information about user action across all relevant systems and websites, while selectively filtering out sensitive and irrelevant data
  • Capture information that traditional process mining solutions struggle with, including gathering data from systems accessed through “pane-of-glass” solutions
  • Configure the tool to only collect information on specific applications or websites, and redact field-specific sensitive information so that you can fully understand your staff’s workflows without sacrificing their privacy


Transforming Data into Insights

Once data has been captured, it is processed and modeled into insights to help your revenue cycle team identify opportunities for retraining, process redesign, and automation.

Some of the insights available include:

  • Overall staff efficiency
  • Activities at team and individual level
  • User and process behavior tied to health system outcomes
  • Effectiveness of existing automation
  • Opportunities for future automation


Maximize Staff Efficiency

The combination of labor shortages, increased labor costs, and high rates of turnover in revenue cycle means that it’s more important than ever to make the most of your staff’s time. Maximize your team’s impact and enable them to focus on tasks that require human intervention by optimizing processes and implementing automation.

Assistive tools available to your staff:

  • Recommend process steps with specific information on how to complete each workflow
  • Equip staff with tools that aid in moving through time-consuming tasks, generating claim notes, and gathering documentation
  • Provide decision support within the tools that they use, helping them remain focused on the task at hand

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