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Empower your teams with a real-time embedded decision support to maximize productivity and compliance with optimal-path workflows.

Step Instructions Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Process Recommendation/Decision Support

What if every member of your billing team knew the ideal steps to take on each claim, understood which claims to prioritize, and leveraged built-in automations that saved them 100s of hours each year? What if you knew the ideal worker for each claim and could route work directly to them via a decision support platform that was integrated into their existing workflows and EHR platform?

Pathfinder gives you that power

Pathfinder brings decision support to the revenue cycle, with robust, task-driven workflows that guide users through their work.

Unlike traditional process management tools, Pathfinder’s process recommendations are empirically-driven, built from an analysis of which actions have historically led to the greatest reimbursement and lowest cost-to-collect. Unlike SOPs or static decision support, Pathfinder’s recommendations are tailored to each specific claim and evolve with the ever-shifting requirements of each payer.

Janus takes the robust process understanding generated through Observe and Illuminate to create workflows that are based on an empirical analysis of which actions lead to the ideal outcomes. It presents those process recommendations as a series of easy-to-follow steps, with explicit claim-specific information on how to correctly complete each workflow.

To further improve user effectiveness, Pathfinder includes a number of assistive technologies to speed users through the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of their workflows, like navigating payer portals (Teleport), generating claim notes and gathering documentation.

Pathfinder integrates seamlessly into users’ workflows. Pathfinder launches directly from the users’ EHR or RCM and provides the appropriate decision support in a compact sidebar view. With supported EHRs, Pathfinder can even be embedded directly into EHR applications via iFrame.

Pathfinder also supports sending claim prioritization and grouping information to your EHR so you can benefit from Janus process understanding while continuing to leverage the workqueue infrastructure your team uses daily.

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