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A comprehensive approach to transforming the claims management side of the revenue cycle.

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AR Management:

Access the information you need to move forward—fast.  Get to the source of the problem without delay by getting claim status changes immediately, fed directly into your EMR. Equip your team with detailed information to appeal and make decisions faster. Leverage our claim prioritization tool to identify claims with the highest revenue potential and prioritize your team’s efforts accordingly.

  • Enriched Claim Status
  • Account Rank
  • Teleport: Claims


Denial Remediation:

Level the playing field with actionable insights on denials. Give your team the tools they need to identify, appeal, and resolve claim denials. Predictive analytics and payer denial tracking help identify areas for improvement, allowing your team to address denials proactively. Automations reduce manual work and ensure timely resolution and escalation.

  • Denial Insights
  • Denial Prediction
  • Denial Automations

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