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With one click, automate end-to-end workflows or components of complex tasks to make workers more effective.

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One-Click Automation™

What if you knew the greatest opportunities for automation in your revenue cycle and had a tool to deploy those automations? What if that tool could build those automations based on the ideal end-user process, gleaned from observing and understanding the actions of every user on your team?

Janus is revolutionizing the way automations are built and deployed in the revenue cycle by combining the deep workflow understanding provided by our Observe and Illuminate platforms to generate automations that are based on the combined wisdom of every revenue cycle worker in your organization.

Janus uses empirical data from Observe to target the best opportunities for automation based on real end-user workflows. The workflow data from Observe allows us to anticipate variations in how a bot will need to interact with external systems and speeds the development and testing process, meaning that Janus can deliver new automations to our customers faster and with greater robustness.

Janus automations leverage computer vision enabling them to interact with any system or tool your team currently uses, along with back-end integrations like web APIs, SFTP servers, or X12/HL7 interfaces.

Janus Revbot provides both attended and unattended automations allowing for hybrid human-in-the-loop workflows:

  • Unattended automations run in the background and can automate any systemic process across desktop and web applications
  • Attended automations launch at a user’s command and assist with browser-based steps in users workflows like logging into portals and navigating to the correct claim, generating content like appeals letters, or automatically posting information to a payer site

Janus uses a recipe-based approach to build automations, which allows us to build automations faster, respond to 3rd party changes more efficiently, and ensures that everyone in Janus’ opt-in network benefits immediately when we build a new automation.

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