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Be the Hero. Eliminate Frustration with Payer Portals.

How much time does your team spend navigating payer portals to retrieve or submit information? Teleport automates the process of logging in and navigating payer portals by automatically taking end users to the claim they are working on. Just by simplifying this one task, Teleport can save team members an hour each day, resulting in nearly $3M in annualized efficiencies for the average large health system.

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*Calculations based on assumptions of Seconds Per Search and Business Days Per Year.

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Teleport Features

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Saves users an average of 90 seconds per claim

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Launches directly from the EHR

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Teleports users to claims, eligibility, payment and other key contexts in payer portals

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Simple to implement, requires only 3-4 hours of IT time to install

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Supports over 50 payer portals with new portals being added and maintained regularly

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Does not transmit or store PHI

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Stores user credentials locally and handles multi-factor authentication

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Works with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox

The Janus Platform

Janus is on a mission to improve the decision-making and effectiveness of revenue cycle organizations so health systems can collect more cash and reduce the cost-to-collect. The Janus platform is a fully-integrated solution to mine, understand, and deploy the optimal process for every workflow in the revenue cycle.