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Janus helps health systems get paid, at a lower cost to collect.

Our end-to-end revenue cycle platform delivers data-driven insights into your processes and enables you to implement workflow automations that improve your team’s efficiency.

The Future of Revenue
Cycle Work

The only vertically
integrated process
improvement platform.

Janus is the only company providing process mining, modeling, and one-click automation™ in an easy-to-deploy fashion.

Leading-edge technology
infused with revenue
cycle knowledge.

Janus brings deep EHR and revenue
cycle knowledge to ensure deep value
creation rather than just another RPA platform.

Automation plus
intelligent human
decision support.

Janus believes in an orchestration between automation and humans, bringing true intelligence and efficiency to workers.


To empower health systems and its operational workforce to achieve more and reduce the cost of care nationwide.


To infuse intelligence into healthcare operations by developing a groundbreaking end-to-end artificial intelligence platform to fundamentally transform the way work is performed.

Cultural Tenets


Everyone is a contributor and is empowered to drive improvement.


Playing and learning every day.

Partnership Over Profit

Prioritizing long-term relationships.


Demolishing barriers to building and innovating.

Radical Transparency

Openness in communication and decision making across the organization.


Nurturing an environment where all employees and partners can thrive.


We strive to be ideal team players, setting aside ego.

Leadership Team

Leadership team comprised of former Epic employees, revenue cycle operators, and technical experts with a proven track record for delivering results through technology. Our team has a deep passion and high motivation for improving the lives of revenue cycle workers through technology.

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