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Making the Revenue Cycle Smart

Janus uses advanced artificial intelligence to enhance and automate revenue cycle processes to reduce the cost to collect.

Be the Hero: Alleviate the Cash Strain

Every healthcare Provider struggles with effectively and efficiently collecting cash. In today's margin-crunched environment where most health systems operate with a 5-10% average initial denial rate and denial rework costs an average of $118 per claim, deploying smart tools will make you the hero within your organization.


Enter a world where anyone and everyone could easily understand your data through narrative, plain-English stories where you can uncover opportunities for improvement, receive data-driven suggestions on what actions can be taken, and trigger those action steps with a click of a button. Shine a light on your data with Illuminate.

Revenue Cycle Decision Support

Imagine if every revenue cycle worker had access to a real-time coach advising them on the actions to take on every claim using historical data to predict the future. Our clinical counterparts have decision support, why don't we? Empower your teams with data within their workflows.


For the love of your worker's sanity, eliminate all of the tedious, high human touch tasks with intelligent automation. Leave traditional RPA behind, and let RevBot build, maintain and optimize itself over-time, so your team can focus on higher value decisions.

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