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Making it easier for your health system to get paid. At a lower cost to collect.

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We’re different.
Because we know every health system has different needs.

We all know that revenue cycle teams are under more pressure than ever to improve performance. That’s why we take a holistic approach to modernizing your revenue cycle—helping you work smarter, leading to increased net patient revenue, and a reduced cost to collect.


Gain insight and understanding into areas where you can help your team become more efficient through process modifications, task prioritization, re-training, and automation.
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Automate key workflows—including referral management, financial clearance, and end-to-end authorization—to help ensure data integrity and enable clean claim submission.
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Integrate AI and automation for claims submission, claims management, denial remediation, receivable propensity and prioritization, and correspondence and payment management.
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Our Platform

The Janus Platform

The platform we’ve developed for health systems goes beyond a single point solution; it’s an integrated, end-to-end solution that touches use cases throughout the revenue cycle. That means that we have the tools to do it all—from collecting data on your processes and workflows, to identifying opportunities for efficiency, and ultimately applying interventions and automations.

The best part? It doesn’t end there. Once changes are applied, our platform continues to collect data so that we can continually partner to optimize your processes and implement automations.


Process Mining

What if you could replace traditional “over the shoulder” observation with an automated process mining solution that produces holistic information about every workflow your users follow, across all systems and websites?

What if you could turn that information into actionable insights about the optimal process for every workflow, and determine where automation and decision support could be most effectively applied?

Observe gathers information about user action across all systems and websites that end-users interact with, while selectively filtering out sensitive and irrelevant information. Observe takes that activity information, and uses annotation and machine learning to generate robust process and productivity information for all user activity.

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Process Understanding

Marry process data with enriched RCM data to determine the optimal path for every workflow and understand the business impact.

What if you had access to targeted and actionable insights about your team’s productivity, the processes they follow, and specific targeted interventions you can take to be most efficient?

Illuminate is Janus’ process understanding platform where information generated by Observe is combined with outcome data from EHRs and payer portals to create actionable insight into people and processes. Using that information, Illuminate pinpoints the ideal automation and decision support interventions to maximize efficiency and yield.

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Process Automation

With one-click, automate end-to-end workflows or components of complex tasks to make workers more effective.

What if you knew the greatest opportunities for automation in your revenue cycle and had a tool to deploy those automations? What if that tool could build those automations based on the ideal end-user process, gleaned from observing and understanding the actions of every user on your team?

Janus is revolutionizing the way automations are built and deployed in the revenue cycle by combining the deep workflow understanding provided by our Observe and Illuminate platforms to generate automations that are based on the combined wisdom of every revenue cycle worker in your organization.

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Process Recommendation

Empower your teams with a real-time embedded decision support to maximize productivity and compliance with optimal-path workflows.

What if every member of your billing team knew the ideal steps to take on each claim, understood which claims to prioritize, and leveraged built-in automations that saved them 100s of hours each year?

Pathfinder brings decision support to the revenue cycle, with robust, task-driven workflows that guide users through their work.

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