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Making it Easier for your Health System to Get Paid. At a Lower Cost to Collect.

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Our Platform

The Janus Platform

The platform we’ve developed for health systems goes beyond a single point solution; it’s an integrated, end-to-end solution that touches use cases throughout the revenue cycle. That means that we have the tools to do it all—from collecting data on your processes and workflows, to identifying opportunities for efficiency, and ultimately applying interventions and automations.

The best part? It doesn’t end there. Once changes are applied, our platform continues to collect data so that we can continually partner to optimize your processes and implement automations.

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Take the Pain out of Navigating Payer Portals with Teleport

Have you ever wondered how much time your staff could save if the process of navigating payer portals wasn’t so time consuming? Using Teleport, our payer portal navigation tool, the process of logging in and navigating payer portals is automated, saving the average user 90 seconds per claim—approximately 1 hour each day.

What does this mean for your revenue cycle team? They can spend more time focusing on the tasks that require human intervention.

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