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Process Intelligence

Understand variances in workflows, and drive peak efficiency.

A Comprehensive View of Your Team’s Workflow

Boost your team’s efficiency with Process Intelligence—our comprehensive solution that captures, analyzes, and visualizes workflows. Process Maps consolidate diverse workflows within the same account, pinpointing areas to realign teams for high performance. While Optimal Path steers your team toward peak efficiency for each account, highlighting necessary changes, facilitating interventions, and tracking results.



  • Claim Clustering & Ranking
  • Dynamic Filters & Process Maps
  • View & Snapshot Saving



  • Discover diverse approaches in your team’s workflows for similar tasks. Prioritize the most effective ones to boost overall efficiency.
  • Guide your team in optimizing workflows through process refinement, automation, retraining, and barrier removal. Ensure tangible results by verifying the effectiveness of intervention efforts.
  • Ensure continuous improvement by monitoring and assessing intervention impact on identified workflows.

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