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Prior Authorization

Prevent denials before they occur.

Empower your staff by streamlining the authorization process, saving time, reducing errors, and eliminating unnecessary steps and keystrokes. Say goodbye to manual determination of upcoming patient accounts that need authorization. Our Determination feature rapidly identifies these accounts, ensuring a seamless workflow. With Teleport initiation, your staff can bypass unnecessary steps and minimize keystrokes, accelerating the entire authorization process.

Don’t waste time searching for prior authorization status. Our automated status searches take care of that for you to reduce uncertainties and verify visit authorization in an instant. Stay informed and in control – experience a new level of efficiency and productivity.



  • Rapid Portal Navigation
  • Dynamic API Integration with key industry partners
  • Unified HL7 and Portal Screenshot Integration
  • EDI integration for efficient data exchange



  • Improve efficiency with each interaction, saving 8 minutes per engagement and reclaiming thousands of hours annually.
  • Gain confidence with an extensive 80% coverage of the payer market, ensuring comprehensive support for your operations.
  • Enhance your bottom line with a notable 15-25% increase in write-off improvement, optimizing financial outcomes.
  • Streamline processes and improve overall efficiency with a noticeable enhancement in Authorization Turnaround Time.

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