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Enriched Claim Status

Save time and boost revenue with streamlined claims management.

Experience the transformative power of Enriched Claim Status–more than a claim solution, it’s a game-changer. Streamlining operations with daily updates, it becomes a vital asset for AR Collections, saving time, accelerating cash flow, and minimizing follow-ups. Seamlessly integrating with your EHR, it enhances productivity and team satisfaction. For ultimate efficiency, pair with Teleport for Claims, effortlessly navigating payer portals with just one click.



  • Industry standard EDI (e.g. 277, 837 X12) data exchange
  • Streamlined, automated claim status retrieval
  • Available EHR integration



  • Streamline operations and benefit from a 10% reduction in required labor
  • Increase employee satisfaction with detailed claim status information directly into the claim record, eliminating monotonous steps.
  • Boost operational efficiency with seamless EHR integration, ensuring teams in their native workflows.

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