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Operational Intelligence

Your revenue cycle is trying to tell you something.

Gain insight into areas for process improvement and increased staff efficiency.

Move away from evaluating your processes via limited, “over the shoulder” observation, and other basic productivity modules in your EMR. Benefit from holistic data that gathers, interprets and identifies areas of opportunity within your revenue cycle. Opportunities for automation, process refinement or team training to help your revenue cycle operate at peak performance.

How It Works

Capture & Process Data

Through the use of a simple-to-install desktop agent, we can capture data on all process related actions from your team, including data points from relevant applications that aren’t able to be captured today—allowing us to piece together complete workflows.

Identify Opportunities

The data captured is processed via machine learning, and our technology identifies how work is being performed at the task level and pieces together the optimal path for each workflow. It is here that we can determine opportunities for retraining, process redesign, and automation.

Implement Automations

Based on what we’ve learned, we begin to implement automations that will have the greatest impact. Our automations are reusable, and built in a componentized manner, which improves the speed to value, and lowers maintenance.

Continuously Improve

As adjustments are implemented, we measure and track the impact from those interventions to create a true continuous improvement engine.

Are You Ready to Modernize Your Revenue Cycle?

Discover how you can collect more cash, accelerate receivables, and reduce your costwith Janus.